My Family

My Family

Monday, March 1, 2010

WOW! Take a deep breath!

Well, it is has been some time since I've written on my blog. It is hard for me to sit still sometimes, quiet my mind, and put what I am feeling down on paper. But here I am this morning, sitting in San Luis Obispo, at my daughter and son-in-laws house, in the quiet, trying to put my thoughts together. Yesterday was an emotional day. We went to the memorial service for a man that I didn't know particularly well, but who really touched my life. Kim and I had the pleasure of meeting him about 6 months ago. He had Lou Gerhigs disease. When we met him he was already confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak anymore. We were honored to pray for him at the hospital where he was struggling with pnemonia. After that time, we got to meet with him several other times and pray with him and his beautiful wife Maggie. I can honestly say that his eyes would bore into me, full of love, full of life, and I am sure full of questions. I can still see him looking at me as if pleading for an answer. Yet, from what I have found out, he wasn't angry or bitter at God, but he embraced Him in the last months of his life. I am still emotional about this, I am not sure what it was that has touched me so deeply about this man and his wife. Maybe it was the way she was so devoted to him, or the love in his eyes. I won't forget Don. I will look forward to seeing him again in heaven, where I will truly get to know him, free from sickness and disease, free from the confines of this earthly body.........
Every day is definately a gift from God. We all have a purpose on this earth. For some, it is easier to identify than for others. I just want to love everyone! I just want everyone to be free from the bondages of their lives. I just want them to be touched by God, like I have. I am sure, those that don't know me that well might think my life journey has been easy, and I am sure that by some standards it has. But I have battled many demons in my life. I have been bound by many things that I endured in my life.... It has only been by the grace of God that I have been set free, truly delivered from the bondages of fear, anxiety, unforgiveness, hurts, anger, disappointment and many more. For God so gently brings us through situations in our lives that cause us to deal with our pain... If we don't then we never get free, when we do..... it is the most amazing feeling ever. Most of us resist pain, I have learned to understand it. I don't want it, of course, but I understand the process. It is in the process that we truly learn about ourselves and when we are willing to surrender ourselves to the Lord of our souls, then He will truly set us free...
I have story after story of how God does this. I know it is confusing to most, but if you ever want to know, I would love to share some of that journey with you.
My heart's desire is to disciple those who want to embrace the journey with the Lord and learn how to let Him love you into freedom from the bondages of your past............. It is my passion!!!!

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